Growing Pains

Are most commonly located in the legs Occur at night and occasionally with activity Occur between 3-6 years of age and again at 8-12 years Concentrated in the muscles Growing pains are so common that your child will likely experience them at some point. We do not know for sure what causes them.  Some physicians

Key Insurance Terms

With the year new comes time for most of us to start over on our deductibles.  It is important to understand what coverage and benefits you have with your insurance.  Here are a few key insurance terms. Allowed Amount – The amount an insurance company will pay to reimburse a provider.  The balance is due

“My Doctor”

I love Florida Sportsmedicine because Dr. Talkington and his staff are a cut above the rest! They are prompt, courteous and make me feel like I’m the only one in the office. Every appointment I’ve hadhas been quick, yet thorough. I always leave feeling like “my doctor” (Dr. Talkington) is just that -my doctor, not

Don Cornelius

Dr. Talkington met with me recently and very quickly diagnosed my knee pain, had xrays done to verify and helped me to understand all my options. My waiting room time was short and front office staff and nurse took great care of me. Wondering if that is Love? It sure is to me. Taken care

Kathi Young

Dr.Talkington and Stephanie were there when I fractured my wrist. They gave me exceptional care and I recovered in record time. Had it not been for them I would not have been able to return to daily activities and my job. I am more than pleased with my recovery and have recommended them to many

Turf toe injury

I am 63 years old and very active. My meniscus was torn on my left knee February 2013 while performing a cross fit maneuver. Thinking it would heal on its own, and doing all types of knee exercises did not help. Running and jumping was no longer an option because of the pain. During a

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