ACL Repair Knee Pre/Post Op Instructions
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Several Days Before Surgery:

  • Register with Northwest Florida Surgery Center, either by phone (850) 747-0400 or on                line


The Day Before Surgery:

  • You should have an appointment with Dr. Talkington’s office the day before

   surgery.  You will review your consent for surgery and be given sterile cleaning         brushes.

  • The night before surgery you should use your first cleaning brush.  Make sure you

   only use the soft side of the brush to avoid scratching the skin.

  • Confirm the time that you are to be at Northwest Florida Surgery Center.
  • Pick up your prescription today.
  • Confirm your transportation to and from surgery.  You will NOT be allowed to drive     home.


The Day of Surgery:

  • Use your 2nd cleaning brush.  Again, only use the soft side of the brush.
  • Report to Northwest Florida Surgery Center for surgery.

–     Reminder to wear loose fitting clothes.


Immediately After Surgery:

  • You will be taken to the recovery from where your family will meet you.
  • You will be given post op medication prior to your surgery and you should began          taking this when you feel the sensation return.  Pain medication is on an as needed          basis, meaning if you don’t need it – don’t take it.
  • Northwest Florida Surgery Center will provide you with crutches before leaving and     you should continue to use both crutches until your follow up with Dr. Talkington.            You CAN bear full weight and walk on the leg (unless otherwise instructed). 
  • Someone should be around you for the rest of the day.  Many times after exposure to

    anesthetic agents, the patients become nauseated for 24-48 hours postoperatively.

  • Once at home you should elevate the leg and apply cold packs to the operated knee to                reduce pain and swelling.
  • Move your toes and ankle by doing the ankle pumps.
  • Leave your dressing on (keep it clean and dry) until physical therapy removes the         dressing.  Do NOT apply any creams or ointments to the incision site.  Do NOT

   scrub or pick at the wounds. 

  • Apply ice every 15 minutes of the hour for pain and swelling.  Use a towel between      the ice and skin to prevent skin injury.  Physical therapy will remove the bandage the  

    Next day and then you can change to waterproof band-aids and shower.


               Position for ice – 15 mins of every hour AS NEEDED for pain and swelling.


  • You can gently move the knee (flexion and extension) and begin ankle pumps, straight                leg raises, heel slides and quad sets.  Caution do NOT put a pillow under the knee, this  tends to cause stiffness.  Instead place a pillow length wise under the entire leg or roll           up a towel under the ankle for elevation or under the ankle.  Remember elevation is       

   above the level of your heart.


The Day After Surgery:

  • You should have and attend your physical therapy              appointment___________________.
  • You should NOT drive until your return appointment with Dr. Talkington.
  • Water proof band-aids can be applied to take a shower.  Do NOT submerge the

   knee under water.

  • Place pillows long ways under the leg.  Avoid bunches the pillow up under

   the knee.  We want the leg to straighten out.

  • Take your pain mediation AS NEEDED, if you are not in pain you do not have to take it.                Do Not mix alcohol with any pain medication.  Avoid driving or any situation

   that demands making decisions or fast reactions while taking pain medication. 

   NO refill will be given for pain mediation until your first post-op visit.  It can take

   up to 2-3 days for the postoperative pain to subside.

  • Apply cold compress to the knee 15 minutes every hour as needed to reduce pain

   and swelling.

  • Began doing your exercises as described by your therapist.


Follow Up Office Visit:

  • You should have an appointment to see Dr. Talkington the first of the week

   following surgery.  This appointment is important to monitor your progress and

   check for any signs of infection.  You appointment is scheduled for    _______________________________.

  • If you develop any fever, shakes, chills, unexplained increase in pain, nausea or            vomiting contact our office. 850-763-0346.
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