Patient Education

Patient Exercise Videos


Side-Lying External Rotation
Standing Blade Pinches
Standing External Rotation
Pendulum Swings
Shoulder Shrugs
Proper Use of UltraSling


Side Leg Lifts
Straight Leg Raises
Heel Slides
Patellar Tendonitis
Knee Post-Op


Lateral Epicondylitis
Elbow Extension


FSM Plantar Fascitis Protocol
Standing Heel Toe Raises
Seated Heel Toe Raises
Ankle Pumps
Unilateral Heel & Toe Raises


FSM Proper Posture, Lumbar Support

* Please check with your Doctor before attempting any of these exercises. Each patient may have unique needs that may require modification of the information on these pages. That may include simple changes like the number of reps or sets, weight or band strength, or even just skipping a particular protocol.

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