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  1. Elevate affected knee and ankle above level of your heart.
  2. Ice pack 15 minutes every hour that you are awake.



The quality of the muscle contraction in this exercise is what counts the most, not just the ability to lift the leg!

1. Tighten the quadriceps (quadriceps setting) as much as you can, push the back of the knee against the floor.

2. Lift your heel 4 to 6 inches off the floor and hold for 2 counts.

3. Lower your leg and heel back to the floor. 

4. Relax and repeat .


ANKLE PUMPS – to stimulate circulation in the leg.

Lie on your back with legs straight.  Pull your toes and feet up toward you as far as you can, then push toes and feet down and away from you as far as you

  1. Repeat slowly and smoothly 10 times a set.


QUAD SETS – Tighten your thigh muscle and pull toes back and hold for a count of 2.  Rest and repeat x10 every hour that you are awake.


HEEL SLIDES – Slide your foot along the bed and bend your knee.  Slowly slide your foot down until your leg is straight again.  Rest and repeat 10 every hour that you are awake.

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