Arthroscopy has changed the way surgeons perform surgery. Because of advances in the field of arthroscopy, orthopedic patients can now reap its many benefits. Arthroscopic surgery involves the use of a camera and small surgical tools to perform a procedure. A lot of surgical procedures are now performed using arthroscopic technology because of the many benefits it offers.

Let’s take a look at the benefits you should consider when selecting the type of procedure that you would like to get.

Less Trauma to Healthy Tissue

Arthroscopic technology allows surgeons to have visibility without having the patient suffer from substantial tissue trauma. With tradition surgery, surgeons have to make large incisions to open up the entire area in order to perform the procedure. With the use of an arthroscope, surgeons only need small incisions to perform the same procedure. This allows patients to have less skin and tissue trauma and surgeons only have to worry about treating the injured area – not the healthy tissue around it that is impacted as a result of the procedure.

Extreme Precision

Arthroscopic surgeries allow surgeons to look inside the body while performing the procedure. The clear, highly-defined images give doctors and surgeons crucial visibility that enables them to perform the procedure the right way. The arthroscope is a device with a camera attached to its end, which makes the images available on a screen. With high definition images being projected onto a monitor in real-time, the surgeon has a clear view of what’s going on inside the surgery site. This technology combined with special miniature surgical tools allow surgeons to perform surgery with precision and accuracy.

Lower Risk of Infection

Every surgery has some level of risk of infection. Arthroscopic surgeries have a lower risk of infection. Because this type of surgery involves less trauma to healthy tissue and does not require opening up the entire surgery site to perform the procedure, less tissue is exposed to harmful bacteria and germs. The small incisions allow surgeons to perform the procedure without harming too much healthy tissue surrounding the site. The result is smaller wounds, which reduces the risk of infection tremendously.

Fast Recovery

Patients who undergo arthroscopic surgery often recover faster. There is less skin trauma, less blood loss, smaller incisions, and less stitches to deal with. There is also a lower risk of infection. Because of these factors, patients experience less pain and recover a lot faster than they do with traditional surgery. With a lot of arthroscopic procedures, patients can even go home within a day or two after the procedure.

Arthroscopic Surgery in Panama City, Florida

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