Pediatric orthopedic medicine is completely different from adult orthopedic medicine. The approach to diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions is so much different with children, because their bodies are still growing, developing and reacting differently to injuries and treatments than adult bodies. Also, children may not experience or explain pain the same way as adults, making certain diagnoses more difficult.

What are some common childhood conditions that would prompt orthopedic care? Children can be in need of orthopedic care as a result of congenital or degenerative conditionsacute trauma, or overuse injuries. Some children are born with genetic, developmental, or physiological disorders that require orthopedic intervention. Conditions like hip dysplasia, bowed legs, clubfeet, and limb length inequality are all examples of things that need treatment specifically by a pediatric orthopedist.

As parents of young children know all too well, accidents can happen at any time, even under careful supervision. Children can suffer broken bones and other injuries such as joint dislocations, from accidental slips, trips, and falls. One of the most common sources of injury for children, however, is in playing sports.

Being active in sports is very positive and beneficial to young children, but the risk of injury increases dramatically. Common sports injuries include overuse injuries such as golfer’s and tennis elbow and tendonitis, as well as acute injuries such as sprains and strains, ligament and tendon tears, and broken bones. Even with protective gear, injuries happen frequently in sports.

It may surprise you to find out that for very young children, treatment for certain broken bones may not be necessary, as the bones are likely to regrow and heal themselves. Of course, this is a judgment call that only a doctor should make, specifically an orthopedist that has experience treating children.

Dr_Talkington_ortho_surgeonDr. James Talkington can assess what the appropriate treatment is for a child’s injury at each stage of development. Many general practitioners in ERs or hospitals may take a more one-size-fits-all approach to the treatment of injuries, so it’s important to seek out a qualified orthopedist when your child is in need of care.

Here at Florida Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, our health professionals have a combined total of over 80 years of experience treating both kids and adults of all ages for a wide range of musculoskeletal concerns. Who better to trust for your young one’s orthopedic condition than our experts?

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