If you’ve been injured at work, an orthopedic surgeon can help you heal, restore lost functionality, and get back to work as soon as possible.

Back, neck, and hip injuries are among the most common workplace injuries. These occur in jobs requiring the moving or lifting of heavy objects – but, really, orthopedic injuries sustained in a slip or fall or from being hit by falling objects can occur in almost any job.

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury involving your bones, muscles, connective tissue (tendons, ligament, cartilage) or nerves, an orthopedic surgeon is who you’ll want to see immediately after the incident. Even if you’re not feeling seriously hurt, your injuries may be masked by adrenaline, trauma, and shock. Getting evaluated quickly and efficiently after the accident can ensure your injuries are properly treated. And seeing a board-certified physician skilled in surgery is beneficial should an operation be necessary to treat your condition.

Florida Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is a leader in diagnosing and treating work-related injuries. As a certified Expert Medical Advisor (EMA) for the state of Florida, Dr. James Talkington understands the state workers’ compensation system and develops treatment plans that focus on the injured employee and toward obtaining maximum medical improvement (MMI) as quickly as possible.

No matter whom you choose to see immediately following an on-the-job injury, make sure your doctor can do the following for you:

  • Prompt evaluation and delivery of necessary medical care
  • Serve as liaison between all parties involved in the workers’ compensation claim, including all doctors and specialists, the injured worker, employer, and insurance company
  • Communicate directly with the adjuster regarding doctor visits and treatment authorizations
  • Determine a patient’s return-to-work status

In the event of a workplace injury, you should immediately notify your employer, see a doctor, and then you have 30 days to file a workers’ compensation claim.

There are many components to a workers’ comp claim, and if you’re the injured party, you’ll have your plate full just getting yourself well. Make sure you pick a qualified orthopedic surgeon who can treat your injuries as well as help shoulder the communication workload.

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