We are prone to encountering accidents in our day-to-day lives. There is a risk of an injury while commuting to and from work, while reaching high shelves in the kitchen, or even just walking around the house and stubbing your toe!

However, athletes who train and compete are even more prone to injuries. These injuries may result from not warming up or cooling down properly, overuse and overexertion of muscles and ligaments, or crashing into other players during the game.

Injuries from physical activity may cause future instability and make you prone to more injuries if they are left untreated by a medical professional. Thus, it is essential to know which injuries demand professional attention so they do not become worse or heal incorrectly.

Sports Injuries that Must Be Treated

Sports injuries are those that occur from athletic activities or any type of physical exercise. The following are three common types of sports injuries that may cause long-term problems if not treated immediately:

Ankle Injuries

You do not need to be playing a sport in order to sustain this type of injury. Tripping over or slipping from a wet surface may lead to this. During an ankle injury, a ligament is partially or entirely torn.

Hence, the torn ligaments need the stabilization of the joint to heal well. If you rely solely on self-care and do not get a medical evaluation, you can increase the chance of repeated sprains in the affected ankle.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can cause significant pain and instability. These injuries occur when the soft tissue structures located at the shoulder joint are damaged. You lose mobility upon damaging this area, since tissues such as the rotator cuff muscles, tendons, and ligaments control the shoulder’s stability.

Contact sports like football, martial arts, and boxing may cause damage to the shoulders through impact. Team sports that require throwing such as softball, baseball, and tennis frequently cause shoulder injuries.

Knee Injuries

These injuries occur from activities such as running, soccer, and basketball, where the knee is subjected to twisting and turning movements. The stress causes the ligaments of the knee to be injured, and ligaments take longer to heal than do muscles or skin.

It is essential to stop your activity right away when the knee starts to swell. If not, this condition may result in internal bleeding.

Prevention of Future Injuries

If you are an athlete, make sure to do a proper warmup prior to training in order to condition your muscles and avoid injuries. Once you are done with your activity for the day, do not forget to cool down so you can let your tight muscles to loosen after straining them.

For individuals who do not play sports, try to be physically active to strengthen your body and avoid physical injuries. Muscles that are not used will atrophy, so keep moving!

Sports Medicine in Panama City, Florida

Never neglect an injury, because otherwise it may lead to future instability and incorrect healing. Orthopedists specialize in the musculoskeletal system and in treating injuries of the bones and muscles, so clinics like ours are here to help you heal properly and fully.

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