My name is Victor and am well known as a Millwright at Berg Steel Pipe. I believe their are hundreds in Bay County that know or recognize me. Dr. Talkington is an amazing surgeon. I felt like I was hit in my right shoulder blade everyday for months by a base ball bat. I took Oxycodone and 4 Advil to get out of bed everyday.

He promised he could fix me and get me back to work soon if I followed all his directions and those of his therapists. Today is 3 weeks and 4 days since my surgery and I have a return to work slip with no restrictions. We all know that I am NOT completely recovered but I am ready to resume my duties repairing and maintaining machines with virtually no pain.

Lastly I want to say that, people scared me pretty good before surgery, saying I will never be the same, I will always hurt, etc. I have not been in pain since my surgery. The therapists stretched me out and swore I was taking drugs long after my script was gone. If you know me, you know my word. Dr. Talkington has restored me, relieved me of pain and allowed me back to work much sooner than my supervisors expected.

I want to give my thanks to the GOOD Doctor and all his staff who treated me so well. It’s important that I say this now. If you are in need of shoulder repair and are afraid. Take it from me. Dr Talkington is “My Man”.

One more thing is that I have always been a friend of people that have come through our mill. I think I have lots of friends in Bay County and the out reaches. If you are considering surgery for a shoulder repair, Contact me at I can aid you through your decision and help hook you up. Trust me fella’s. You know how hard I work and I will NOT BS you. Call me. Dr. Talkington receives my highest endorsement.

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