I am 63 years old and very active. My meniscus was torn on my left knee February 2013 while performing a cross fit maneuver.
Thinking it would heal on its own, and doing all types of knee exercises did not help. Running and jumping was no longer an option because of the

During a vacation/fishing trip to Key West in August 2013, I hyper-extended my right foot, resulting in a “Turf Toe” injury that was also

I made an appointment with Dr. Talkington in late September of 2013 to see if these two injuries could be repaired so that I could once again run and engage in cross fit exercise.

After consultation and X-rays, Dr. Talkington recommended surgery on my torn meniscus and a cortisone shot for my “Turf Toe” injury.

Bottom line is, the surgery was a total success and the problems with Turf Toe has healed …

Once again I am slowly beginning to run and build up my endurance.

Dr. Talkington and his entire staff are extremely professional and I would recommend anyone with issues, such as what I experienced, to
make an appointment to sit and talk with Dr. Talkington.

Aaron Lovett

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