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There has recently been changes in Florida’s automobile laws.  The new law requires that accident victims must now seek medical treatment within 14 days from the accident.  You must seek treatment from an acceptable provider.  These providers include, emergency room physicians, medical physicians, dentist, nurse practitioner, and a physician’s assistant. 

 Chiropractor visits have been limited to $2500 and you must see an acceptable provider and obtain a referral.

 There are 2 levels of PIP medical benefits available.  

  • $10,000 for an emergency medical condition
  • $2,500 for non emergency medical condition

The law defines “emergency medical condition” as follows:  medial conditions manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, which may include sever pain, such that the absence of immediate medical attention would be reasonable expected to result in any of the following: 

  • Serious jeopardy to the patient health
  • Serious impairment to bodily functions
  • Serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part.

You must still carry personal-injury-protection insurance.




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