Prior to surgery there are somethings that you should plan for, so that your recovery can go smoothly.

Prior to surgery:

  • Smoking – now is the time to quit smoking.  Avoid any type of product containing nicotine.
  • Limit your alcohol intact, you should avoid alcohol for 1-2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Establish a primary care doctor for any nonsurgical concerns.English: A thoracic surgeon performs a mitral ...
  • Have blood pressure and diabetes under control.
  • Make a complete list of all medications and allergies.

 Getting ready for surgery:

  • Have transportation to and from your surgery arranged.  You should have someone stay with you for the 1st 24 hours after surgery.
  • Make sure the surgical site is free from any scratches, scraps, or bug bites.
  • Discuss any concerns, anticipated outcome or questions with Dr. Talkington or staff.
  • Make arrangements to be off work for the discussed time.  You need to understand the limitations of your activities after surgery, restrictions on driving, crutches, elevation ect.
  • Your rehabilitation program needs to be clearly understood and you should have appointments scheduled.
  • Pick up any post op prescriptions before you have surgery.


After surgery:

  • Ice and elevation are important after surgery.  Remembering elevation is above the level of your heart.
  • Know your limitations and remember that you just had surgery
  • You should leave the surgery center with a follow up appointment to see Dr. Talkington the first of the week following your surgery.
  • If therapy was discussed you will also have a prescription and appointment for therapy.  It is extremely important that you attend your therapy.  It will have a vital rule in the outcome of your surgery.


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