Many people experience pain at some point in their lives, whether it is acute or chronic. Whether it’s a short-lived pain from a sporting injury or long-term pain from conditions like arthritis, pain can be difficult to live with and manage.

There are two stages of pain that can affect the body, known as acute and chronic pain. The stage of pain you have depends on the amount of pain that has been present and the time it takes to go away. Acute pain is defined as usually lasting less than four weeks, while chronic pain lasts more than three months or even longer.

Sports medicine doctor’s look at a multidisciplinary approach to pain management when helping a patient with pain. Whether that be medicine like anti-inflammatories, injections, blocks, physical therapy, or narcotic medicines. Surgery is usually seen as a last resort.

However, when surgery is necessary, the post-surgical process makes all the difference towards how much pain you are in and how long it may last. Following a surgical procedure or joint replacement, a physical therapist uses the means of physical therapy to decrease pain for patients with arthritis or lower back pain.

Physical therapy has also been known to improve function for patients experiencing hip, knee, shoulder, and lower back pain. It can often be an effective method in reducing pain for patients with conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis. The rehabilitation team at Florida Sportsmedicine and Orthopedics uses exercises, physical therapy, and other modalities to help reduce pain for patients with acute or chronic pain.

It is important to have an appropriate evaluation of where the pain is coming from and why. At Florida Sportsmedicine and Orthopedics, Dr. Talkington tailors an overall treatment plan to the patients and their specific issues. Depending on the patient’s situation, physical therapy can be very effective for managing their chronic pain. While prescription narcotic medications can be used to treat pain, due to the addictive nature and adverse side effects of these drugs, physical therapy can be used in conjunction with other methods to help combat this opioid epidemic.

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