Exercises to Help Prevent Shoulder Injuries

For instance, you can add shoulder exercises such as shrugs or pendulum swing exercises to help keep the shoulder muscles and connective tissues strong and limber. You can find a wide range of exercise videos on our site by clicking here.

Next, be sure to warm up and cool down before any vigorous activity. Although it is not a perfect analogy, if you imagine for a moment your shoulder and other muscles are much like a cold engine with most of the oil in the oil pan, you can understand why muscles need a few minutes to warm up and run smoothly. Proper warmups allow your body to increase blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, in much the same way a warm engine has oil circulating to protect the engine components. In an emergency they can respond instantly, however you are also at greater risk for injuries like a torn rotator cuff.

Once you have warmed up properly, be sure to wear the proper gear for whatever activity you are involved in. If you need shoulder pads, then by all means, please wear them. You may also require padding for activities such as soccer, skateboarding, or roller blading. Proper posture and good lifting habits are also important. If, for instance, you are carrying a heavy backpack, you should take time to balance and reduce the load as best you can.

Avoid lifting objects that are too heavy, and be careful with repetitive motions such as painting, an assembly line job, or throwing a ball. If you do have to use your shoulders for the same motions over and over, stay on alert for potential issues as much as possible so that you can address them before they become a problem. You can also use the RICE method (rest, apply ice, use compression bandages and elevate the affected area) to help reduce pain and inflammation in the shoulder.

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