Young Athletes Require Special Attention

 There are more young athletes participating in sports today than ever before.  Young athletes require specific coaching, conditioning, and medical care.   Coaches and parents have a huge responsibility in carrying and conditioning for young athletes.  The need to be able to access early signs of an injury by noticing a limp or holding an arm

How to exercise your knee after surgery

After knee surgery you have to be careful how you exercise your knee to avoid an increased risk for complications. Here is an example of some knee exercises for rehabilitating your knee: Please consult your doctor before attempting any exercises. Discontinue if you feel pain or any unusual discomfort.  Points to remember: Make sure your back is


There is some noise in the OR…the quiet, rhythmic whisper of the ventilator, the occasional murmur between the scrub nurse and the circulator.. Sometimes we play a little background music, usually some ’60’s or ’70’s pop, some Motown.. Mostly ,though, for me there is concentration. I’m trying to come up with an example in everyday

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