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A reporter for a northern newspaper asked a   group of captured Confederate soldiers at        Gettysburg what<in fact they saw themselves as fighting for.

The answer, confusingly enough to the reporter, was “for our RATS.”

Well, this turned out to be “for our RIGHTS”, states rights in this case.

You are probably aware that in our current constitution, there is no “right” to healthcare.   Maybe you prefer it otherwise?

Consider for a moment….much more fundamental to your  health and welfare are  food.. ..housing…heat, if you live in the north,  air conditioning in Florida. Shouldn’t  these  be rights first?

How about a right to a job, transportation to  the job, fuel.  Oh and why should you drive a  nicer car than me and live in a better house?  Now you have moved beyond equal opportunity to equal outcome.

Healthcare…is a SERVICE. This is fundamentally different from the the pursuit of happiness.

It involves the sweat of someone else’s brow, not your own.  Most particularly it involves the sweat of MY brow.

It seems to me that it is a violation of the 13th anti-slavery amendment for anyone to consider that they have a “right” to any healtcare services.



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