You Crossed the Finish Line – Congratulations

You crossed the finish line and have your first marathon complete.  Now what..  Resist the urge to plop down on the ground – your legs   will stiffen up right away if you do.  Walk around for at   least 10 minutes to bring your heart rate down safely     and avoid the risk

I Want My Rights!

  A reporter for a northern newspaper asked a   group of captured Confederate soldiers at        Gettysburg what<in fact they saw themselves as fighting for. The answer, confusingly enough to the reporter, was “for our RATS.” Well, this turned out to be “for our RIGHTS”, states rights in this case. You are

How is your computer station set up?

Do you sit in front of a computer for long periods of time?  Do you work at a desk all day?  Here are some tips to creating a workstation to avoid health consequences. Make sure your chair height is adjusted correctly.  You should be able to sit on the chair and have your feet flat

Shooting for the stars/It’s time for basketball

 It’s time for basketball…  Who hasn’t shot hoops once or twice in their live?    Basketball is a great sport but as all sports, it does not  come without risk of injury.  We typically see everything from ankle sprains,  jammed fingers, knee injuries to fractures.  As each      injury is different so are the

Charley Horse got you down?

What is a Charley Horse really?  A charley horse also known as a muscle cramp is an involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax.  A muscle cramp can be one muscle or several muscles.    Just about anyone can experience a muscle cramp.  However, high performance athletes, young children and older people are

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