Shoulder Dislocation

   The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint this allows people to move their arms in various directions that other joints cannot do.   Since the shoulder has a wide range of motion it also comes with a price –  the shoulder is much more susceptible to dislocations and injuries.    A dislocated shoulder

Preventing Falls

There are many things that can put you at risk for a fall, arthritis, vision problems, side effects from medication,  and join pain are just a few. Prevention- Make sure… *  You wear proper shoes *  Avoid alcohol *  You have proper lighting and do not work on slippery or wet surfaces *  Remove all

Ouch, my raking back!

Ouch!  My raking back!   Nationwide there will be thousands of  people that will end up in the emergency room over the next 4  weeks with injuries from raking leaves  or shoveling snow.  When you are out cleaning up your yard this fall here are some tips to keep in mind:   Wear gloves to

What are shin splints anyway?

Shin splints are often referred to as pain in the lower leg.  The pain is often along the inner edge of the shinbone (tibia). There are several causes for shin splints but the most common is physical activity, usually associated with running.  Having flat feet or abnormally rigid aches, inadequate footwear, or running on hard

You Crossed the Finish Line – Congratulations

You crossed the finish line and have your first marathon complete.  Now what..  Resist the urge to plop down on the ground – your legs   will stiffen up right away if you do.  Walk around for at   least 10 minutes to bring your heart rate down safely     and avoid the risk

How is your computer station set up?

Do you sit in front of a computer for long periods of time?  Do you work at a desk all day?  Here are some tips to creating a workstation to avoid health consequences. Make sure your chair height is adjusted correctly.  You should be able to sit on the chair and have your feet flat